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WIND CBD Salve - 500MG - 1oz.

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Our extra strength WIND CBD Topical Salve is available in a 1oz container with 500mg of THC free CBD and healing essential oils infused.

-Non-GMO, THC free
-Free of pesticides
-Free of contaminants
-Produced from organically grown hemp and made in the USA
-Lab tested
-Broad-spectrum cannabinoids


Our Wind CBD Topical Salve is hand-crafted to help support:

  • Localized topical relief that soothes and moisturizes 
  • Healthy recovery from exercise 
  • Aromatherapeutic benefits, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation


      Rub a small amount of Wind CBD Topical Salve on the affected area and work into the skin until it’s absorbed. The effects should be felt within 10-15 minutes. Use as needed, day, and/or night. (Do not use on open wounds or near eyes.)


      • Less is more! Start with a small amount and use more if needed.
      • Intended for use on the body. Not recommended for facial application.
      • Store in a cool, dry place.


      Beeswax,  Broad-Spectrum Hemp Oil, Essential Lavender Oil, Essential  Eucalyptus Oil.