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Guide to Purchasing Rolling Trays

Rolling trayshave helped smokers in streamlining the rolling process. These trays are popular among cannabis enthusiasts as they help in rolling hashish without any hassles. However, there exists a difficulty in purchasing these trays, not due to monetary factors but owing to lack of unawareness about options.

With myriad types of rolling trays available in the market, choosing the ideal one could get overwhelming. For the same reason, here’s a comprehensive guide for you towards purchasing the perfect tray.

But first, let’s get some basic information about these trays. So let’s dive right in.

What are Rolling Trays?

  • These trays are essential equipment designed to place all your legal herbs and smoking accessories. These flat trays have intricate builds with sections and compartments making them a super handy accessory.
  • Their raised edges and sunken surfaces are a great aid in providing the perfect shape to hold any loose herb which ultimately makes the procedure of rolling your joints a lot easier. These are extremely convenient in times when you finish your rolling as you can move it around and share along with your pals.

Why does every Smoker need one of these Trays?

  • Handy 

Sometimes, when you’re all set to roll, you might not find some of your favorite herbs or accessories. Many tools like papers, lighters and filters are small which make them easy to misplace. This may ruin your rolling session.

Rolling trays are of extreme help and are efficient enough to resolve this problem. These are crucial tools that help you store your smoking stuff. Moreover, depending on your needs, you can also add some additional cubicles to store your dab instruments and torches.

  • Cool Novelty Designs

Being convenient in storing stuff, these trays are not only utilitarian but also come in super attractive designs that can enhance your smoking experience by multiple times.

For many smokers, novelty and special designs matter the most. These trays are a fun way of showing your personality. The endless variety of designs and customization options make these trays a perfect gift.

If you’re also into new and intriguing matters, we suggest you WindCBD’s ‘King Of The Screw’ Rolling Tray. Its one-of-a-kind design offers you an enjoyable experience whilst rolling your tobacco. This rolling tray has a width of 10.5 inches and a height of 6 inches. This dimension provides you with enough room for rolling for you as well as your friends.

  • Simplify the rolling process

If you ask any weed smoker about the benefits of rolling trays, they will tell how these trays make rolling speedy and simple. 

These trays also help you roll your marijuana in the most efficient way possible. You might have witnessed the occasions where due to lack of caution, your cannabis spill onto the floor and leave you with little or nothing to smoke. Therefore, utilizing the massive and flat floor of these trays to prevent this messy act is the best thing you could do.

Rolling trays come in several types which make them convenient for each smoker to opt for the tray that compliments his smoking wishes. Although the number of options can become a matter of confusion for you. Therefore, we’ve provided an ultimate guide that will pave your path towards finding your dream tray.

Which Rolling Tray should you buy?

Before searching for the tray, you must have a clear sense of what your needs are. So, for your convenience, we’ve tried to cover all the points that will help you make the best choice before purchasing:

Evaluate your Budget

  • Before buying, make sure to evaluate your budget. With every jump in the price, you’ll get an extra feature that you might not get in the cheaper one. If you want an extravagant tray, you should look into the high-end glass rolling trays.
  • However if you want to roll on a budget and get the best features, you should check out the trays from WindCBD. At our store, you’ll be offered an exceptional range of pocket-friendly trays you can enjoy.

Choose the right Size

  • Sometimes, finding a tray of appropriate size becomes a headache. There are a variety of size available options that might leave you with a puzzled expression.
  • In case you don't travel much and need a tray for your home, you should probably go with a decorative tray that has more storage components. But if you're a frequent traveller, a small piece would suit you better. You'll need a tray that won't take up a lot of space. We suggest you go for a small or mini tray.
  • Assess how much you roll. If you don’t use many accessories, you should buy a tray with less storage. In case you use a stockpile of accessories while rolling, buy a tray that has more storage features. In some trays, you’ll also be offered holes that will help you keep your roll upright and stored safely.

Types of Rolling Trays

  • Metal Rolling Trays:

These trays are durable and are available in about any size and design that you’d like. These tend to be an affordable option.

  • Wooden Rolling Trays:

These trays come with more elaborate features and details. Less number of compartments carved. These are difficult to carry and are certainly not preferred while traveling. 

  • Plastic Rolling Trays:

Though they aren’t much durable, plastic rolling trays are usually very affordable and easy to travel with. 

  • Glass Rolling Trays:

These are splendid enough to wow your guest. Being incredibly thick, these trays have additional durability

Parting Notes

Using these trays you can enhance your smoking experience by a large margin. With WindCBD rolling trays, you can spiff up your smoking kit and enjoy your impeccable smoking session. 

We are committed to offering reliable trays that come in multiple designs featuring pop culture references from King of the Hill, Scarface, and Blood In Blood Out. Along with rolling trays, your search for superior quality CBD products and accessories also ends at our store as we provide these all at a very reasonable price.

For more information, kindly visit our website or contact our experienced staff. We will get back to you right away.

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