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Hello to Sour space candy CBD flower and other CBD flowers to fight insomnia

Do you struggle to keep yourself sleepy the whole night? Does staying asleep seem to be a hard nut to crack? Has skipping out on coffee not worked well? If yes, CBD flowers like sour space candy CBD flowers and others are to your rescue. CBD, found in hemp flowers, has influencing effects on one’s endocannabinoid system, which regulates sleep. 


CBD when linked to CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain, enhances the production of anandamide. This neurotransmitter, called the bliss molecule, regulates sleep hormones.


CBD oil and other CBD-based products are instantly gaining popularity in the beauty, wellness, healthcare, and medical domains due to their potential benefits. But CBD flowers like sour space candy CBD flowers and many others are proving to have a much stronger entourage effect. Also, because the flowers are trimmed directly from the hemp stem and don’t need any additional manufacturing or processing, all the naturally occurring cannabinoids tend to stay intact.


Note: CBD flowers are available in various types of strains with each strain possessing specific components. So if one strain works for some, it might not work for others. So, don’t get worried if you too experience the same!


Now, let’s head to the various CBD flowers that help induce sleep for a relaxing night and refreshing morning.


1. Sour space candy CBD flower


This Sativa dominant cross between Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry has an average percentage of almost 16% of CBD. Due to its parents’ genetics, the hemp flower has a balanced mix of citrus notes and tropical fruits, followed by some earthy notes to it.


Also known as a “chill pill", sour space candy CBD flower helps eradicate anxious thoughts and calm the mind, but it's 0.36% myrcene makes it one of the most preferred natural remedies to be a powerful strain, enough to get to the bed!

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2. Special sauce


This dazzling strain out of all sits at the highest CBD percentage of almost 20%, making you feel sleepy instantly, and the rich terpene profile calms your mind and body instantly.


With a citrusy, cinnamon-like, and herby smell and flavor, it never fails to amaze its consumers. The earthy and musky undertone to its buds leave a pleasant effect towards the end of smoking or vaporizing it.


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3. Bubba Kush CBD flower


Yet another sleep-inducing powerful hemp flower besides sour space candy CBD flower and special sauce is Bubba Kush.


The total CBD percentage stands at almost 15%, with the flower boosting a sweet chocolate-like taste that quickly transforms into that of a coffee when one exhales. Its small popcorn-like buds also possess an earthy undertone to them, with a rich terpene profile making you feel at ease in an instant!


4. Hawaiian haze


Sitting at almost 15% CBD, this DC Haze and Early Resin Berry cross product is perfect for a smooth and clean vaping experience. It is perfect for daytime use and social environments. But when taken before bed, it helps get relief from stress and thus, induces calmness and sleepiness.


Coming to its taste and aroma, it also possesses a sweet and floral taste, with a distinctive pineapple aroma.


5. The lifter


Like other strains are known to have fruity tastes, this hemp-infused flower also has notes of grapes and lemons, with an undertone of earth and grass. Sitting at almost 18% of CBD content, the lifter is for sure a mood booster and will not make you feel sleepy or tired the next day.


It has just the right terpene profile to keep you relaxed, calm, and easy.


6. Cherry blossom


Cherry blossom is an Indica-dominant hemp flower with notes of dark cherries, pine, flowers, and citrus with a feeling of being drifted off once the impact reaches its full potential. The CBD percentage is pretty low compared to others, that is, 11%, but it has an immense calming and relaxing aftereffect to it.


Note: These CBD flowers work for both daytime and nighttime. They not only help you fall asleep when taken at night but also help relieve stress, anxiety, physical pain, inflammation, etc. when taken during any time of the day.


You just read what are some of the hemp flowers you can go with when dealing with insomnia. But what are some of the criteria based on which you should be choosing one over the other?


1. Brand reputation


Do not fall for any random brand attracting you by offering high-quality and original products. Look for the complete profile and range of the company and product catalog.


Wind CBD not just talks about the quality, but also more about CBD and its effects in general. Visit them here for a range of high-quality CBD flowers.


2. Cultivation process


Hemp buds and flowers harvested naturally and organically yield better quality and generate effective results compared to the ones that have been grown and harvest via chemicals.


3. Testing


Having enough knowledge of the content percentage of various compounds present and complete transparency in how the product has been tested for proven results besides processes involved is a great deal.

Look out for it all!


How can you use CBD flowers for sleep issues?


Smoking has been established as the best way to avail the benefits hemp flowers have to offer!


Lastly, consult a doctor first before you plan to onboard hemp flowers in your routine. In no way, do we recommend you use them without taking into consideration your past and present medical conditions!


So, now you know that all these flowers and strains based on these CBD flowers can help you with your insomnia issues. Get your hands on a pack of sour space candy CBD flowers from Wind CBD.

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