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When to use CBD salves

From lotions and oils to serums and creams, topical CBD products have become the latest trend in the modern wellness industry. With more and more wellness enthusiasts inclining towards CBD based products, CBD salves have become a rage.

What is a CBD salve? What’s the difference between CBD oil, lotion, cream, and salve? How is CBD salve different from other CBD-infused topical products? And whatnot! With a bevy of topical cannabis options online and in dispensaries, consumers often find themselves baffled and overwhelmed with so much to consume.

But first, come.

What is a CBD salve?

A salve, whether with or without CBD, is thicker than semisolid preparation. Its consistency is like that of an ointment. It helps in the healing and protection of your skin. You might also refer to it as a balm or a lotion though it boils down to a concoction of additives, infused with plant-products and later mixed with carriers like beeswax or oils (like almond, hemp, coconut, or olive oil). 

A CBD salve is pretty similar to CBD creams or lotions except for the fact that salves are made by blending plant material (CBD in this case) with oils and beeswax. Albeit lotions are composed of a 70%-to-20% water-to-oil ratio with an emulsifying agent. Creams are also a formulation of water, oil, and an emulsifying agent but the water: oil ratio is 1:1 yielding them a thicker consistency than lotions.

In a nutshell, the fundamental difference between CBD salves, creams, and lotions is the amount of water in each. Salve has no water at all, thus comprising a much thicker final product and consequently a longer shelf life.

Carrier oils help in carrying infused CBD (that is, cannabinoids) to your skin for much greater absorption.

How are CBD salves made and work?

Salves are easy to make as opposed to lotions and creams. The composition of any salve begins with a base like a wax (typically beeswax), mixed with a carrier oil. Various other compounds like dried herbs or essential oils can be added for added wellness properties:

Step 1: Create an infusion of CBD and carrier oil.

Step 2: The CBD oil is then mixed with melted beeswax to create the final salve.

Step 3 (optional): The salve is then infused with any essential oils or herbs for fragrance and added benefits if any.

Now comes the golden question, how applying CBD salve topically directly on your skin works wonders over a CBD capsule or a tincture!

With your skin being the largest organ in your body, it acts as a powerful molecular pathway for various molecules to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. So applying CBD salve straightaway into your skin helps in the absorption of its active ingredients in a much larger percentage. 

For optimal effects, use a full-spectrum CBD salve that includes all useful cannabinoids found commonly in the hemp plant. As soon as CBD salve is applied to the affected area, the skin starts absorbing cannabinoid lipids, and the healing process begins.

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How to use CBD salve?

As CBD salve is absorbed by the affected area and its surrounding skin cells and tissues, it can be applied like any other topical salve or ointment.

Apply it to the affected area, for instance, to help muscles recover from a workout or to support a healthy joint and muscle function. A very active person, like an athlete, might use a salve for a range of minor injuries during training or the actual sport play like bruising, dry skin, blisters et al.

Pros and cons of CBD salve


  1. CBD salve produces positive effects much faster than CBD oil as it doesn’t have to go through the person’s digestive tract or be metabolized by the body.
  2. CBD salve’s application is best for pain, skin conditions, and other localized problems like muscle tears or training injuries, as reported by most people.
  3. Since it has no psychoactive properties and is not habit-forming, you can use it multiple times throughout the day without any disruptions to one’s routine.
  4. Last but surely not least, if you’re someone who often indulges in a high-intensity workout and often looks out for recovery from sore muscles, then CBD salves help you get in action a bit faster.


  1. If you’ve got sensitive skin, you might react to some of the additional ingredients in the salve.
  2. Salves might be a bit more greasy due to no water content at all. So if you don’t want something like that, prefer using CBD lotion or cream to go in line with your taste.

Note: As CBD salve is applied topically, it has a potentially low risk of entering the bloodstream. It implies that it is unlikely that it could cause any impairment in one’s athletic performance. But if you observe any of the following consequences when using the salve, then cease using the product:

- A rash

- Irritation

- Swelling

Are CBD salves right for you?

Maybe yes. Maybe not!

There’s no one-thing-fits-all when it comes to topical CBD products. Consult your doctor before starting to use any CBD topicals for the requisite CBD quantity and medical history.

The product doesn’t work the same for everyone. Thus do your due research, try different products, and explore various natural ingredients used in the salve. Lastly, look out for quality and be wary of the specific product to buy/use because multiple companies are coming up with wrongly-produced products.

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